Name: Colossal Sorcery

A magically themed modpack that introduces the magic in a subtle yet beautiful environment - The modpack uses Alternate terrain generator and streams to produce a realistic and stunning landscape, Thaumcraft, Ar's magicka, Witchery and Botania form the main magical components of the modpack. As such there's a vast number of bosses, dungeons and weaponry to defeat, Explore and acquire. Learn the secrets of reincarnation, Create a pocket of reality with magic, Discover the origins of magic. Or lead a simple life, trade with the NPC's, Grow your own foods, build a city.

Without the taint of technology this pack is lightweight to run and server friendly and aims not to have one overpowered mod that overshadows the others, Leaving players free to decide upon their own path instead of rushing down one specific mod for nigh on immortality.

Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language: English
Added: 7 months ago
Last edited: 7 months ago
Players: 0/50
MOTD: [Colossal Craft Sorcery 1.1.6]
Uptime: 99.51% for the past 14 days
Votes: 7
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