DatCraft Pixelmon Gaming 1.12.2 [7.0.7]
Name: DatCraft Pixelmon Gaming 1.12.2 [7.0.7]

Welcome to DatCraftXD, the new and improved DatCraft Pixelmon Server. This server was created by a awesome group of staff that put time forth to make this server fun. We are glad to see you chose our server over others, as there are many. We hope you have a good time on the server, and if you have any questions hit us up.

Content: Access to the Nether, the End, and Ultra Space Dimension Gym Leaders Lag Free Player Shops Pokedex Ranks Server Shop Voting And much, much more!

Here are some useful links: Discord: Donate: We are looking forward to playing Pixelmon with you!

Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: Canada Canada
Language: English
Added: 1 month ago
Last edited: 3 weeks ago
Players: 4/100
MOTD: DatCraft XD > Made for Players by Players 5x the Spawn Rates ; High Legendary Spawns
Uptime: 99.85% for the past 14 days
Votes: 0
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