Enigmatica 2: Expert - 24/7 - DraconiumCraft - v1.62 - No Banned Items
Name: Enigmatica 2: Expert - 24/7 - DraconiumCraft - v1.62 - No Banned Items

Hello, DraconiumCraft is a fun little community to have fun and enjoy yourself to play with others.

Prestige Disabled FTB Utilities Installed

We're all looking to have a fun time and this server is for everyone.

If you have any problems feel free to contact me on either here through PM or our Discord Server

To Apply, join our Discord Server and fill out the application below and post it in the "application" section. Whitelist Application: In game name: Age: Why do you want to join?: Do you agree and comply with the Rules?: What type of mods do you like to play?: About Yourself:

(Try to make the application longer, I will actually read all of it.)

No items are banned but still, be responsible with it.


No griefing. If somebody asks you to leave them alone, do so. Be respectful to players. Do not harm the server in any way. Don't abuse any glitches. Do not swear excessively or directly at another player. Common sense.

If you fail to do any of these you will be banned. Patreon:

Join the Discord and their you can apply to be a member of DraconiumCraft and get Server Updates and meet new people :)

Version: 1.62
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: Germany Germany
Language: English
Added: 2 months ago
Last edited: 1 month ago
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MOTD: DraconiumCraft | Enigmatica 2: Expert
Uptime: 99.38% for the past 14 days
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