Hawk Networks Resonant Rise 3
Name: Hawk Networks Resonant Rise 3

Hawk Networks (or Hawk Net for short) is a completely free network which prides itself on our knowledge of mods and our ability to allow everything for free. Our mods and admins are seldom on but you can talk to them on our discord. Our server is just waiting to be filled so come on down! Specs: 64 gigs of ram and an i7 7700K so our server runs very smooth. Optional mods: All of them of course!

Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: France France
Language: English
Added: 6 months ago
Last edited: 5 months ago
Players: 2/24
MOTD: Hawk RR3
Uptime: 99.16% for the past 14 days
Votes: 0
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