Pixel Valley Pixelmon
Name: Pixel Valley Pixelmon

If you are looking for a place to test your pokemon battle skills, or you are searching for a great and immersive experience - our server is the best place for this. What we offer:

  1. Epic Tournaments with real $ price.
  2. A challenging Elite 4
  3. Boss battle Tower perfect for leveling and providing you with various rewards
  4. Awesome quests
  5. Poke disguises
  6. Custom crates And much more custom content ! There certainly is something for anyone and we are looking forward to seeing you in game.
Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language: United States
Added: 2 months ago
Last edited: 2 months ago
Players: 34/120
MOTD: PixelValley [Reforged 7.0.7] Tournaments>>Boss Tower>>Gyms>>Teams
Uptime: 99.8% for the past 14 days
Votes: 12
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