PokeBlock – Grief Prevention, Gyms & More
Name: PokeBlock – Grief Prevention, Gyms & More

We are a 24/7 Pixelmon 7.1.1 survival server that has been, and always will be dedicated to bringing our players the best playing experience possible. We continue to develop our server to serve our players needs, as well as their wants.

We have a friendly community as well as wonderful staff, so if you ever need help someone will be there! Join us today and embark on your wonderful journey, as well as explore some of the things our server has to offer! If you are interested in joining us, our IP is

Our spawn is an adventure map, which you're able to leave by randomly teleporting away. A fully fledged grief prevention system, so you won't have to worry about losing any of your progress. A Wonder Trade and Global Trade System, allowing you to swap Pokemon randomly, and buy/sell Pokemon & items. Rewards for catching certain Pokemon and completion of your Pokedex. EV/IV checking & EV training.

We continue to add to this list as mentioned before, as we are always developing to meet player's needs and wants. So if you join and have any suggestions don't be afraid to tell us.

Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: United States
Language: English
Added: 4 months ago
Last edited: 3 weeks ago
Players: 0/30
MOTD: PokeBlock Pixelmon 7.1.1 Grief Prevention, Regional Starters, More!
Uptime: 99.50% for the past 8 days
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