Address: Address given once whitelisted!
Name: The Biscuit

So, there like this server like, where you can play Unabridged and stuff. It's totally cool, you'll love it. The map is fresh and we try hard not to get in one anothers way. If this sounds your bag, you gotta head to the discord link below and say a little hello in the introductions section, if you seem alright, someone will get you whitelisted. Don't say your age or whatever else, just your in-game-name for minecraft. And please, do be aware, there are no plugins, and those things that are said are your problem to deal with, not a moderators. The server is run by akliz, and it's plenty powerful. It's up day and night with 20 slots open. There will never be any banned items or ranks, and it's kept at 20TPS (0 block lag). Hopefully see you soon :)

Version: Latest
Type: Whitelisted
Gamemode: Survival
Country: United States United States
Language: English
Added: 3 months ago
Last edited: 1 week ago
Players: 0/20
MOTD: It's the biscuit, baby!
Uptime: 99.28% for the past 14 days
Votes: 141
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