iLikeMinecraft - SevTech: Ages
Name: iLikeMinecraft - SevTech: Ages

SevTech: Ages modpack server. Grief prevention, homes and more.

Use a bone shovel to claim and protect your home, you can type /kit claim

You can also place a sign on a door or chest and write [Private] at the top line, this will lock vanilla chests and doors and other vanilla items. Locking and protecting your own things is your responsibility, griefing and raiding is allowed*.

Useful commands:

/sethome /home /spawn /kit claim /rules /vote /back /tpa


Be respectful Use common sense No 1x1 poles No random destruction No fully griefing (you can get into their place if not protected and steal items, but do not fully destroy their stuff) Have fun

Server Info: Dedicated server 32GB RAM and 2x480GB SSD

Use IP: or

Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: Canada Canada
Language: United States
Added: 1 week ago
Last edited: 2 days ago
Players: 2/100
MOTD: iLikeMinecraft - SevTech: Ages Server - v3.0.8
Uptime: 99.3% for the past 10 days
Votes: 25
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